Any resolutions for 2018?

Hi there,

This is my first post for 2018 so I would like to start by wishing you a Happy New Year with a lot of great things. A lot of happiness, health, wealth, personal growth, education, success and all that you wish for.

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Happy New Year 2018

Hello there,

Just a quick post to wish you a happy New year. Full of joy, health, wealth and all the good things.

I hope that it will be a year full of adventures, grow and good memories.

For this new year that will start tomorrow, I would like to try something new: having a mantra and working on it every day for the next 365 days. My first mantra is then: health.

Looking forward to sharing my progress with you. See you soon 😉 and have a great new year’s Eve.

Don’t hesitate to share with me your new year’s resolution 😉

Love what you do and do what you love

Hello there,

It has been a long time but I will probably explain that in another post. Now I am really excited to write this one today because I am telling you about what has been my dream since I was a student at the university.

Ok, let’s focus and tell you the story from the beginning. I studied mechanical engineering and took courses oriented to the automotive industry so I actually have an engineering diploma in mechanics and a master degree in automotive engineering. The thing is, both diplomae are(were) useful only to get me a job. I didn’t learn that much about cars during my studies because there were a lot of theoretical classes. Anyway, now my job in the automotive industry is too oriented to project management so I still don’t have the chance at work to be that kind of “expert” about cars. Those people who can identify cars by simply listening to the sound of their engines impress me a lot. My BF amazes me when he does that about motorcycles!

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30 sessions training to run 30 minutes non-stop

Hello there,

today I want to tell you about my running plan that I have designed for myself before I was able to run for 30 minutes non-stop.

First of all, Disclaimer: I am not a professional athlete or a coach. Everything in this article is based on my personal experience. I share it with you for inspiration and motivation. A professional opinion is highly recommended.

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Two days ago, I shared this photo of mushrooms on my Instagram. It sure looks not that special on such a platform full of stunning photos. But there is a little story about it.

I work in a big mechanical engineering plant of 70 ha in the middle of a big industrial zone. The only landscape that I am used to seeing here is industrial. There are machines, cars, trucks, tools, sheets metals,  and everything related to the mechanical industry. I actually got used to it because I’ve been working here for almost three years and a couple of days ago I was walking in the middle of all that to go meeting someone in another department when I saw these mushrooms. I thought about how nature has this big survival instinct. It keeps fighting so hard and finds the smallest opportunity to express itself. I knew that those mushrooms won’t be there forever. So I couldn’t hold myself to grab my phone and take a picture.



I finally found the right words to tell what my blog’s about

Hi there,

I will go directly to the point this time without any introductions because I feel like there is a stream of words in my head and I need to write it down before it’s gone. I’ve already been holding it the whole day.

I remember once in high school, my math teacher said: “If you think that you understand something that you can’t demonstrate, that means that you don’t really understand it“.

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If you don’t take the first step, you will never go anywhere