The idea behind Before Your30

Why I write?

The reason behind this page is the same reason why I usually write. When I have a lot of ideas in my head and can’t think clearly, I need to write down my thoughts. It’s like making a reminder list of every single one of these ideas in order to think about them later. This way, I am not lost and get my mind clear to develop them separately.

I find myself writing on different occasions. When I am happy, when I am sad (I usually avoid it because I hate finding my notes later) when I have a new project, etc. But I never take it seriously. It’s just a way to see clearly so I can move on and stop talking to myself (you can think that I am crazy or just admit that we all have inner speeches from time to time).

Why I write online?

By writing online, I am trying to take this more seriously and give myself a situation where I can practice my writing skills. I know that by committing this blog, I will commit to providing better content for every new post, improving my writing skills and even taking online writing courses.

This blog is then the place where I can share this experience with you and also I am hoping to get your support, your encouragement and your advice.

Why I write in English?

As you have already probably noticed, English is not my native language. I actually speak three different languages. I have chosen English because I think it’s a neutral choice. For the past years, I’ve been living abroad and making friends from a lot of countries around the world. English is then the language in which we communicate. Thanks to this, I got to live the richest experiences of my life and felt more and more open-minded. For these reasons, I will be happy to share my content with all the readers of my blog with as little as I can of a language barrier.

How all this led to “Before your30?

I think that launching a blog site is my way to commit to both writing and discovering new activities, places, and experiences. I love having a lifelong continuous learning and personal development lifestyle. Of course, this philosophy doesn’t have to stop by 30 years old, but today I am challenging myself to go for that my “Goals” list that has been waiting there for long years.

If you have any question about me or my blog, you can visit the About or About me pages. Of course, you can also ask your question in the comment section below, or contact me via Let’s get in touch page🙂

2 thoughts on “The idea behind Before Your30

    1. Thank you very much , you are my first comment so I am really happy that you took the time to write it.
      I actually mean your , like “yours’. But I will think about it again. You make a point.
      You are welcome 🙂


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