About me

Since I was graduated and started working, I was stuck in an “I am old feeling” and found myself often using “when I was young” expression while I did not even turn 30. It’s not because I consider 30 as old, but most people start having that feeling by that age.

A scene from Friends episode “The One When They All Turn 30”, Joey’s crying: ” Why God? Why? We had a deal! Let the others grow old, not me!

Maybe I wouldn’t find that strange if I were really 30. So I was always asking myself about the reasons behind that feeling and how I could get rid of it.

In fact, starting the active life changed radically my lifestyle in a way that I was not prepared for. I thought that after school I would have more free time ( no homework, no exams to prepare for, no school projects), so more time to have fun, more time to travel, more time to work out and feel healthy and fit, more time to practice my favorite hobby.

First week of my first job, I was surprised that I had in fact no more free time at all. I was working so hard that I used to get off work late so tired to barely have dinner maybe work out a little, do some cleaning and the day was over. I went to bed to have some rest and start the same thing over and over again. That scared me a lot.

I noticed that I often used “when I used to be a student” when I speak, but strangely, this time is supposed to be the perfect time to live my life to the fullest; I am at the peak of my youth, I am childless and I earn respectfully my life. So maybe no other time will be better to start the change, to go out from my comfort zone, to try new things, to experience new feelings to be more adventurous. After all, I am the only one stopping myself to have fun. I am probably setting myself the wrong priorities or too scared to do and/or start doing certain activities that I (personally, used to) think are inappropriate to my age. Maybe sometimes, I thought that it was too late to learn something new. A funny example is that I never learned to bicycle when I was a child and I grew up with the idea that I would never learn in my entire life because it was too late. But guess what, I found a bike last year under my Christmas tree and Santa🎅 himself taught me how to bike … and I now I really like it so much.

This is the spirit that I want to spread here. It’s never too late to try or learn new things. There isn’t something like inappropriate. Whatever you want to do, just do it if it makes you happy. Don’t wait for the right time or opportunity. But one thing to remember, do it now! Do it before it’s too late for reasons that are out of your hands (you can be injured, or get sick, or the lead singer of your favorite music band dies!). Just go for it! Juste DO IT and believe in yourself, believe in your work and efforts and most importantly believe that you deserve it. 

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