Evanescence performance at Le Grand Rex, Paris

Hello everyone 🙂

It has been almost a month since Evanescence’s concert in Paris, but I still feel like I can tell you about it because it was really great.

It was six years ago that the band gave a live show in the French capital. Well, I wasn’t there, but I really don’t regret not missing the show this time. The rock band is on a special tour this year in support of their fourth album Synthesis. That’s because they are performing every time with a different local orchestra. This year, in Paris, Amy Lee and her group were live on 28th of March at the majestuous cinema theater Le Grand Rex.

Adding to the fact that, once again I am realizing one of my dreams by attending the concert of a rock band I am a fan of since my teenage-hood, it was also the first time I had the chance to attend a live orchestra performance. This is actually what will make this event special to me forever.

The orchestra that accompanied Evanescence during the show played a set of classical music pieces that the band selected in advance for the opening. It included “La Strada” by Italian composer Nino Rota, “La Chasse” and “Lacrimosa” by the Austrian composer Mozart, “Pavane”, by the French composer Gabriel Fauré, “Moonlight Sonata” by German composer Beethoven and “Sally’s Song” by the American composer “Danny Elfman”. The orchestra was conducted by Susie Bench who was also celebrating her birthday that day.

The band entered the stage by 20h30 with Amy Lee on the piano playing ” Ouverture”. Later, the show continued with a setlist available at the end of this post. I had the chance to listen to Amy Lee singing with the band, solo and playing piano several times. I also enjoyed the lights, the dramatic atmosphere created inside the theater and most of all Will Hunt’s performance. I couldn’t take my eyes off the drummer for almost half the show.

The concert lasted one and half hour and Amy Lee didn’t forget to express how happy, she and her band were, being in Paris again. Obviously, the French capital is so special for them because they had a DVD recorded back in 2004. The rock band left the stage after Amy Lee promised to be back again soon and that they won’t wait for this long next time.

By the time I am publishing this blog post, Evanescence is having a break before performing again during summer in North America live with Lindsey Stirling. If you have them in your city, don’t miss it… and let me know about it 😉


  1. Overture
  2. Never Go Back
  3. Lacrymosa
  4. End of the Dream
  5. My Heart Is Broken
  6. Lithium
  7. Bring Me to Life
  8. Unraveling
  9. Imaginary
  10. Secret Door
  11. Hi-Lo
  12. Lost in Paradise
  13. Your Star
  14. My Immortal
  15. The In-Between
  16. Imperfection
  17. Speak to Me
  18. Good Enough
  19. Swimming Home

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