Love what you do and do what you love

Hello there,

It has been a long time but I will probably explain that in another post. Now I am really excited to write this one today because I am telling you about what has been my dream since I was a student at the university.

Ok, let’s focus and tell you the story from the beginning. I studied mechanical engineering and took courses oriented to the automotive industry so I actually have an engineering diploma in mechanics and a master degree in automotive engineering. The thing is, both diplomae are(were) useful only to get me a job. I didn’t learn that much about cars during my studies because there were a lot of theoretical classes. Anyway, now my job in the automotive industry is too oriented to project management so I still don’t have the chance at work to be that kind of “expert” about cars. Those people who can identify cars by simply listening to the sound of their engines impress me a lot. My BF amazes me when he does that about motorcycles!

My job today allows me to know a lot about chassis because this is what I’ve been working on for the last three years since my graduation. Other than that I maybe know famous car brands and few “exotic”/special cars but that’s all. But my dream when I submitted for mechanical engineering school did look nothing like this.

Don’t go yet, I know that you are frustrated with this blabla about my life and what it has to do with the post title or even the beforeyour30 “editorial line (or what I am trying to define as one). But I promise it has and I am counting on telling you that right now. I am sharing this post today after my visit to an automobile museum last weekend that I really enjoyed a lot. It was the museum right next to the Circuit des 24 Heures Le Mans. The famous Bugatti circuit usually related to one of the oldest endurance racing. During this visit, I realized how much I love to learn about cars, their history, their performance and their evolution through time. I had the chance to see old cars from the beginning of the last century not so far from recent very powerful ones at the cutting edge of technology.

Anyway, what I wanted to say with all this is that in spite of the amount of stress that I have at work I do love my job and I will probably find other ways to keep loving it and enjoying it even more. And in spite of the few free time that I have, I will for sure do more activities like this that I will share here on my blog. But the most important thing is that there is nothing like doing what you love because you will be enjoying it and you will be more resistant to stress and difficult time. Also, if sometimes you feel anxiety or stress because of your job for some reasons try to find a new way to look at it so it reminds you that this is maybe what you always wanted to do. Loving what you do helps avoid depression and other kinds of work blues. This is very important because, for most of us, we will probably keep doing almost the same job for the rest of our lives … All I want to spread here is positive thinking, motivation and good energy; so Love what you do and do what you love 😉 This of course without stopping you from evolving to new horizons …

See ya ^^

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