I finally found the right words to tell what my blog’s about

Hi there,

I will go directly to the point this time without any introductions because I feel like there is a stream of words in my head and I need to write it down before it’s gone. I’ve already been holding it the whole day.

I remember once in high school, my math teacher said: “If you think that you understand something that you can’t demonstrate, that means that you don’t really understand it“.

I have launched this blog 2 months ago and wasn’t able to gather the right words to express what I want to share here. But today, I got something like a sudden illumination. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but somehow a clear image popped into my head. So here it is:

Once I was a kid, I used to watch these documentaries with my grandmother ( Ok, I am maybe an old school ^^) and I was EXTREMELY fascinated by them. There were documentaries about wildlife, different cultures around the world, cars, buildings, technology, science, seas and oceans, other planets, and the list goes on. They fascinated me because I loved learning since my very young age and felt so special every time I learned a new thing. I somehow felt lucky to be at the right time, when my grandma was watching such show, in front of the TV screen to learn something new. I so many times felt awe of how amazing the world, the human beings, nature… are.

This is what I want to do here in this blog. I want to write sort of documentaries about places, food, experiences, cultures and everything I am curious about. I admit that I am a curious person and it’s sometimes overwhelming. Some people have already told me to stay focused on few things in life, stop asking so many questions and playing with everything my hand can reach. They even sometimes told me that I have a hyperactivity disorder. But this is who I am and I like it. I enjoy it. I completely assume it and I am not harming anyone anyway. I won’t try to channel that energy anymore.

At school, my favorite homework was to do researches. I liked it even more when we were allowed to bring other supports than a written paper. Like a video, a DIY project, a play or even a photo album. So why not keep doing it now. The only regret I have is that I used to think that those people on TV making documentaries only exist on another dimension (probably hidden somewhere in the TV set )and that their job is only for people who are from that dimension. But now I realize that I also can do that as an amateur. I don’t have to be so professional about it because I will be doing it because I enjoy it and not because it’s my job. I just want to live my own adventure.

One last thing that I want to add here. If you are reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact me, to tell me more about you, about your city, about your culture, about your job, about your hobbies, about your favorite food. I will leave you now with my email address: beforeyour30@gmail.com and hope to hear from you soon.

The photo was taken when I was backpacking in western Europe and I so enjoyed that trip.

Tell me what you think in the comment box below ;)

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