Photography lessons & new Instagram account

Hello there,

I am really happy today to write this post because it’s the first time since I launched my blog that I have the time (and the courage) to publish twice the same day. I even couldn’t honor my commitment to post once a week lately. So you can understand why I feel that happy. 

As you can notice from the blog’s name, there are so many things that I would like to do or learn (before I turn 30). I even have a wish list that I have created when I still was s a student. Unfortunately, my job is taking so much of my time and energy that I have been postponing so many activities for years now. I am also a kind of person who wants to do so many things that end up doing nothing. Add to that the fact that, as I feel intimidated by others work, I rarely want to post mine. So I spend a lot of time focusing on details and that prevents me from moving forward. But recently, I have been thinking that it would be much better if I focus on practicing first. It’s ok if my first photo won’t be that good. But if I never grab my camera to take it because I am too afraid of the result, I will never be able to take a good shot.

I then decided to spend more time with my camera that has been sitting there for more than a year. First, I am thinking of going outside tomorrow taking some pictures in order to be able to do a before/after later. Then, I will start by taking online lessons before joining the photography club at my company.

I will share photo sessions here at photography page but also on the Instagram account that I launched today for this purpose.

Of course, any tips and encouragements are welcome 🙂 See you ^^



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