Château d’Angers

Some photos of my visit to le Château d’Angers a few weeks ago. I will probably write a review another time because I hadn’t that much time to see everything in this Castle full of history that goes back to the 5th millennium BC. I was there one only one hour before closing^^

I have been visiting Angers regularly for the last year but I hadn’t the chance before to visit the castle.

The Castle of the Counts d’Anjou is in fact for me something like a checkpoint. It’s actually built on a promontory so as soon as I see it I know that I almost arrived at the city center of Angers. This placement offers to the castle a strategic defensive location. History proves that since the castle has never been taken any invading force.Le château d’Angers was built between 1230 and 1242.

Here are some photos that I have shot during my visit. Also, you can find these photos on Instagram since I have just launched a BeforeYour30 insta profile 😉

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