Liebster Award😊

Hello there 🙂

this is an unexpected post that I am writing after I was nominated by SURBHI KI RASOI for a Libster Award ^^

While I was drinking my coffee this morning trying to wake myself up, I also was, as usual, checking my emails and different internet accounts because I don’t have that much time during the day to be on the internet. Especially lately since it’s going really crazy at work and even though I can’t post on my blog, I still love coming here to read some of your new articles that you are publishing and that I really enjoy reading. When I saw the small orange dot on the top of the notification logo at the upper right corner of my screen, I smiled because I knew that someone was encouraging me for my work. To my surprise, it was something that I did not expect at all, the Libster Award ^^

First of all, I want to thank SURBHI KI RASOI for nominating me. I really appreciate your encouragement and happy that, even when I am a little busy these days, someone still remembers my blog. I hope that it means that, somehow I could touch you and maybe inspire you. So again SURBHI KI RASOI , thank you very much and also thank you for the recipes that you are sharing on your blog. They all look delicious. I will probably try some of them since I am already looking for vegetarian recipes for my diet. I will let you know 😉 Also, I gladly accept your Liebster Award ^^


The instructions for accepting the Liebster Award are:

  1. Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog and insert the award graphic.
  2. Answer the questions provided to you, share a little bit about yourself.
  3. Develop a new set of questions for your nominations to answer.
  4. Nominate 10 others and share your post with them so they see it.

My answers to your questions are :

Q1. Which is one thing you can’t live without?

I really can’t think of a thing that I can’t live without. I never asked myself such a question but now, knowing the answer makes it like a relief for me because I don’t like feeling dependent. I am someone who hates routine and always needs a change. I already changed city officially 6 times! That scare people around me. But there are a lot of them that for sure I can’t live without.

Q2. How did you pick your blog’s name?

My blog name reflects exactly why I am having this blog. For the last few years, I put my self in an ” I am old” state. Busy building a career, I was most of the time occupied or tired and I gave up things I really enjoyed, like dancing, traveling and especially trying new activities that I promised myself doing once I would get a job. The blog is my way to talk myself through doing these things. Somehow, I think my commitment to blogging will push me to be more organized and go for new experiences so I can have material to write about.

Q3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where you will go?


Q4. How do you motivate yourself?

It depends a lot on my mood. So it can be music or sport and even sometimes by setting myself deadlines.

Q5. What’s your favorite thing about blogging and why?

Blogging offered me something else than work to think about when I get up. Being on WordPress while drinking my coffee in the morning makes me forget about work before starting a stressful day. Also, I like that I am not only writing but also doing a lot of researchers on the internet before that and as a consequence, I am also learning a lot of things.

Q6. The biggest dream of your life?

Travel the world!

Q7. Your best memory?

This is a tough one. I am answering it the last actually. I am rather going to tell you about my most recent best memory: Spending holidays with my mother in Paris for the first time, after me living abroad for few years, she could travel.

Q8. Any suggestion for my website?

More food ^^, well, I love food!

Q9. Do you like cooking and which is your favorite cuisine?

Yes, I like cooking. I am not sure that I have a favorite cuisine, but I most of the time bake.

Q10. What is your favorite season and why?

Summer 🙂 Maybe because I was born in summer. But if I think about it deeply, because summer is always synonym of fun, vacation, the beach and a lot of cool activities. Also, because I hate the cold. I am physically not designed for that!

and my questions are:

1- Where are you from and what’s the coolest thing in that city?

2- What’s your favorite local food?

3- What’s the craziest thing you ever have done?

4- Are you a country person or a city person?

5 – How many languages you speak?

6- What did you do for your 30th anniversary? and if you are under 30, what you think you will do?

7- What do you like to do in your free time?

8 – What’s your favorite book?

9 – Are you a tea person or coffee person?

10 – What are your perspective for the next year?

and my nominations are:

1- Unbolt me (

2- MyStoriesWith Music (

3- Carto’s Library (


5- The Promise to Oneself (

6- dream sincerely (

7- Sweet Tea & Blog (

8- The Half Arsed Runner (

9- our silent reverie (

10- Photography Journal Blog (

4 thoughts on “Liebster Award😊

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! I’ve looked around your blog and have followed you to show my support of your continued growth. I would love if you could stop by and support my blog too if you can ❤


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