Am I setting an unattainable goal ?

One of the many things that I want to accomplish before I am 30 is to take part in a local Marathon. The problem is, I used to hate running. Yes! “used to” until one day, I was probably hit by the thunder, put the comfiest shoes that I had (of course back then I didn’t have runners) and went for a run without any warming up or an adequate preparation.

A piece of advice, don’t ever do that. There is a big chance that you will hurt yourself or get injured. In the best case scenario, you will feel tired, out of your breath and your heart is going out of your chest. That actually won’t help keep being motivated and I personally, after that, hated running even more.

That was 3 years ago and since I sometimes can be as determined as carbon steel, I kept trying different strategies to finally find my own way to like it.I now schedule my days so I can have the time to go for a run. When that sounds difficult sometimes, I wake up earlier than usual just to have my workout done. I also now take my running shoes everywhere with me. When I am out-of-town for long holidays or just for the weekend.

Now that I am crazy enough to push the limits as far as I can, I am considering taking running a little bit more serious, or let’s say more “challenging “. I think that lately, I am challenging life trying to see how true it’s to say Nothing is impossible. I am trying to figure out the limit of that, or maybe how far we can go without finding any!

I personally believe that with the right motivation and persuasion everything can happen. If you agree with me, please let me know in the comment section below. You can share any life story that shows determination to achieve something that used to be considered as unattainable. Also, I will really be happy to have your support or any tips you may have from your own experience.

5 thoughts on “Am I setting an unattainable goal ?

  1. It’s not crazy, but you have to get there gradually. Master the 5k distance, then the ten, then the half-marathon. I even did a 15k as an intermediate step between 10k and the half. Anything above 10k is significant because you will be on your feet for more than an hour and need to start taking things like hydration into account.

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    1. Hey thank you for the tips. I really appreciate it and also happy to know that I am not crazy.
      Indeed, I am few sessions away from mastering the 5k distance. I am so excited about it 😃
      I am also trying to take care of nutrition and hydration 🙂 if you have any tips about that , it will be nice if you can send it to me.
      Congratulations for you success and thank you for the support

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      1. Nutrition is about taking fluids little and often. Consider using some electrolyte tabs although some people have more salt in their sweat than others so can lose electrolytes faster. (Believe it or not, you can actually get this tested.) Don’t be ashamed to wear a little hydration pack for longer distances. That’s all I can think of right now. I have a post about running nutrition but posted it a little while back.

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