My first concert was: Metallica 🎸😍

If you have read my first, you probably already know that I have a list of things that I want to accomplish before I am 30. But what you don’t know is that I also have a “Concert list”.

Since I have never been in a real big concert before, (only a few local bands concerts in pubs or once I went to see Pentatonix in a small concert hall in Paris), I have this list of artists that I wish to see live one day. It has names like Lindsey Stirling or the Maroon 5 but never thought that Metallica‘s concert can one day be real for me. I used to think that this kind of concert would be impossible to attend since the tickets are usually sold out too quickly. I was too convinced of this idea that I haven’t even tried before to go to their website and check. But this year I was lucky enough to see them live in Paris. In fact, this year, I want it so badly that I did everything possible to not miss this chance (you see! when you want something enough, you can have it, it always depends on your will). I want it as much as like they are going to die after that concert (I am still shocked by Chester Bennington death!). Anyway, I am really happy that I could be there. I really don’t regret never been in a concert before if my first one had to be Metallica‘s. So here is my impression of their last Sunday performance at Bercy concert hall.

I was too excited and at the same afraid to miss their entrance on the stage that I was in my seat 2 hours before the opening act 🤣 that was performed by the Norwegian band Kvelertak. I had enough time to watch the concert hall being filled until 18.000 people were there at exactly 20h45. Everyone was holding his breath and staring at the central stage waiting for that moment when the members of the group show up. Sometimes the hall reasoned “Metallica! Metallica!” showing how impatient we were to finally see their performance. But all the eyes were fixating a corridor that linked Metallica‘s private lodge to the boxing-ring like stage.

Finally, they were there, opening the show with two songs of their new album: “Hardwired… to self-destruct”: Hardwired and Atlas, Rise! after which James addressed the fans: “Paris! For this second night, I want it to be louder than the first one!” referring to their Friday’s concert and promising that after these new singles they will also be playing old stuff too.

Under the stunning “dance” of the 50 cubic screens that were moving up and down showing some very genuinely selected photos and videos, the band took us back to the 80’s and played Seek and Destroy.

The show went for 2h15 and the Four Horsemen occupied the space in a way that everyone could see them under all different angles using all 8 microphones that were placed all around the stage with a turning drum placed in the middle. They, of course, changed their guitars several times during the show, but they all surprisingly played the drum using four big blocs that appeared on the stage under their feet: a really beautiful drum solo in the middle of Now That We’re All Dead. Later, it was the turn to Robert and Kirk to perform a Guitar/Drum duel right after Halo On Fire.

Before performing Moth Into Flame, James confessed that the song talks about fame and how we can spend our lives seeking it, but once we have it, it becomes nothing, like any other type of addiction. Lightened drones flew over their heads during the song like small fireflies and then the co-founder of the band asked to know with a show of hands how many people were attending their first Metallica‘s concert. To my surprise, I was not the only one and when some of the fans booed us, James himself asked them to stop and instead welcome us into the Metallica‘s Family. (Yey ! it was like he was talking to me 😎).

45 minutes before the end of the show, Metallica paid tribute the WWI soldiers with a magnificent slide show that gives the goosebump. It was displayed on the moving screens above the musicians while performing One.I have to confess that I started to believe that I would go home without having the chance to see Nothing Else Matters live. But after Master Of Puppets and Fight Fire With Fire, I finally could enjoy one of my favorite songs of the heavy-metal group. The show ended with Enter The Sandman and I went back home feeling like it was all dream, like I was on another planet and looking forward to the next Metallica‘s concert.

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